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New Client Q's

  • What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

    I like to find out what brings someone in that day for a massage. During our conversation, we will discuss past issues as well as anything recent going on in your life that might be causing some of your symptoms. Using a holistic approach I will then work with you to devise a plan to create a treatment that's right for you.

  • What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

    I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (AR License #8452.) I went to school at Touching America Hot Springs School of Massage. I have also taken several extra courses in some specialty areas as part of my schooling including Thai Massage, Sacred Lomi Lomi, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Direct-Indirect Techniques for the Head, Neck, and Shoulders, and Cupping Massage. On the energy work side of things, I am a Reiki Master Teacher and see clients for Reiki sessions, Spiritual Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing and Alignment, and I teach students at Jason Shivers Healing Arts here in downtown Little Rock.

  • How did you get started doing this type of work?

    I grew up thinking I wanted to be a chiropractor and was taught as a young teen how to do adjustments on friends and family. By the time I got through my first semester in college I went the route of Radio, TV, and Film major and spent the last 20 years spending my days as a professional photographer and filmmaker. Getting back to my passion for helping others heal themselves I went to night school to get my massage therapy license and have loved it ever since. I might still someday become a chiropractor...

  • What types of clients have you worked with?

    I have worked on all types of bodies. Younger, older, thinner, wider, achy, tense, disabled veterans and dogs too! Each person (and animal)has a body that tells a story and I like to listen and help them heal themselves. Part of that listening is making my clients feel safe and comfortable and addressing their problem areas.

  • Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take?

    I see a lot of clients with similar issues. Many people have one shoulder and side of the neck that is bothering them. Many have lower back issues that cause chronic pain. Using techniques and asking questions about your everyday life I can and have successfully helped people relieve their pain and suffering with as little as one session. My favorite stories are from clients that come in with significant pain in an area that is greatly reduced or even gone when they leave. It gives me great pleasure to help someone get back to being healthy, happy, and whole again.

  • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

    Read reviews. Find someone that has experienced a session first hand (pun intended) and get their opinion. If something seems sketchy or out of place, trust your intuition! Personally, I would talk on the phone with whoever was going to massage me. Making a connection is important.

  • What questions should clients think through before talking to professionals about their project?

    You should feel comfortable and safe when you get your massage. A lot of times people ask me how much clothing should they take off and I always reply, "undress to your comfort level." Because the truth is even fully clothed any therapist worth their salt should be able to perform a relaxing massage. Don't get bullied into an uncomfortable situation.

  • What should I expect during my first visit?

    We will have a conversation about any chronic issues you are having and how you are today. I will ask questions about areas of discomfort and we will decide what are goals of the session will be. We might discuss causes of your pain or discomfort. After we have a customized session plan unique to you, I will exit the room while you undress to your comfort level if you are getting a massage or direct you to lay down on the table if you are having an energy work session. When you are ready I come back in and start some music to help relax the mind as we start the session.

  • Do I have to be completely undressed?

    No. You should always be comfortable. Which is why I will always say, “undress to your comfort level.” You will be draped the entire time with only the areas being worked on exposed. You will receive a professional and effective massage whether fully clothed or "naky butt."

  • How often should I get a massage?

    This is entirely subjective. I have a client I see 3 times a week. I have a few clients I see once a week. Many more twice a month and most once a month. When I was in massage school I got three massages a week. It was wonderful.

  • Can I talk during my session?

    I am there to be your massage therapist and am happy to honor whatever you’d like. Personally, I will respect whatever you prefer and will be quiet except for checking in about pressure and areas that seem to cause discomfort so I can make appropriate adjustments. Relationship advice, diet advice, and other counseling type discussions should be reserved for a different therapist. You can even fall asleep if you want! I’ll keep working.

  • When should I not get a massage?

    If you have a fever or any contagious disease please reschedule for everyone’s safety. Some contraindications can be local and I can work around them. If you have recently been in an auto accident please make sure you are cleared with a note from your doctor before contacting anyone about a massage. This can be potentially very serious.

  • How many sessions do you recommend for X?

    Great question! Some protocols have a set number of sessions. My Carpal Tunnel Therapy treatment plan is 3 sessions within 10 days. Most other sessions will depend on how your body responds to the treatment. Some people have gotten relief in as little as one session. Some larger or more stubborn issues might take a few weekly sessions and then once a month for preventative treatment. For general relaxation and minor maintenance it is entirely up to you! I never force my clients into unneeded strings of sessions. I will do my best to give honest recommendations.

  • What should I do before a massage?

    1) Drink water! Your muscles will be much happier being massaged when they are hydrated. 70% of most low back pain is actually due to dehydration! Really tight shoulders and calves can also be due to not getting enough water in your body.
    2) Arrive on time! Many times there is an appointment scheduled after yours and if you are late you might have a shorter session.
    3) Silence your phone! Ringtones and message dings can distract you from relaxing and getting a whole body, mind, and spirit treatment.
    4) Keep your therapist updated on any new or existing conditions you are experiencing. I will customize your session based on your needs. This also includes letting me know if you are pregnant, even if you haven’t told anyone else. Use of heat, some essential oils and specific areas of the body should be avoided depending on the trimester. Let’s be safe!

  • What should I do after a massage?

    Drink water. Enjoy your day! It’s actually a myth that you need to drink water right after a session to flush the toxins released into your system from the therapy. We all say drink water because we should all drink more water! And it helps our muscles recover faster and stay looser.