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I have known for a long time now that I am being called into a deeper and lighter form of healing and service. After years of energy work and bodywork with clients, I have been given unique perspectives of the deeper meanings of the messages that are communicated from within. Through the years I have started to trust these perspectives and in doing so have unlocked doors for people to make their connections for love and healing. I love working with people one on one and seeing the joy and relief as it gets washed over people in our sessions. Which makes this personal transition all the harder. I am going to take some time for myself, heal my body, and expand my practice into a lighter and deeper version of what so many of you have experienced with me already. Those deep conversations before a Spiritual bodywork and energy work session are now going to be even deeper.

Why this change?
I believe everything wants to be in balance. Everything wants to be divinely aligned. When we are experiencing physical pain and dis-ease it is fundamentally because we are out of spiritual alignment. And when we get “back on track” these pains and discomforts disappear! I want to help people love these parts of themselves that caused this misalignment so that they can be their best selves!

Why am I doing this now?
I am listening to messages from my higher self. I have two choices… Keep working and continue to be in pain, further delaying my healing, and take time off to heal my body so that I can be fully present for everyone in a way that is much more meaningful than massage and energy work. I am finally choosing the latter after delaying the process for much too long. I will be taking time off to prepare for surgery and then for recovery. It is important for me to heal because I want to fully participate in this beautiful world and cocreate with all of you!

What does this mean for Jason Shivers Healing Arts?
Right now it means a break from the physical in-person work I have been doing. Luckily I am not alone! My beautiful partner Dr. Melissa Crane is already doing much of this same work with her unique perspective of working with patients and channeled messages. You can find her website here: drmelissacrane.com I will also post links to other people I know and trust that are still doing massage sessions. I will still be practicing Reiki and since Reiki can be done from anywhere at any time be assured that these sessions can and will continue, just not in my downtown studio space. I am committed to this journey for my spiritual growth and am looking forward to all that is to come.
With gratitude and much love,