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75 minutes
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Seven chakra symbols in the colors of the rainbow.
Melissa's divinely channeled transmissions and light language will assist those who are going through the ascension process, by working with your etheric subtle body, harmonizing and reenergizing the flow of Qi through your spine, meridians, and nadis. Rather than using needles, as one would do in acupuncture or hands-on techniques in chiropractic and massage, Melissa is using her voice, channeled tones, and intuitive guidance to lead you on a journey within and to help you heal from the inside out. This work is extremely helpful when you are going through LightBody activations and helps clear obsolete, dense energy structures, leaving you feeling reenergized, aligned, lighter and whole.
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Having been an experienced meditator for 12 years and 400 hours with a Qi Gong master, Zach has added Qi Gong cleansing (Reiki meets Tai Chi) and Yoga Nidra Guided Energy meditation to his repertoire, in order to further help those seeking chakra work guidance to align their mind with it’s desired purpose. With the requisite knowledge and passion to alleviate pain and a decade of meditation experience that gives him a deep insight into those who suffer from stress, you can be assured that your massage session will have the optimal outcome that you are looking for.
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My session with Jason was an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my appointment but Jason was very receptive to my questions and helped me through the process. Would recommend to anyone.
Trey G.
Thank you so much Jason for working me in on your day off!! The massage was incredible...very relaxing, professional and effective! I can’t wait to book another appointment as soon as my schedule opens up!
Alicia A.
Jason is calm, strong and seems to intuitively know the source of your pain. He works patiently to work out the knots and kinks and gets you feeling great. Definitely the best around.
Ward L.
Jason does wonderful work.  He listens to your requests so that you have a great experience.  I highly recommend him.
Michelle C.
I've been getting weekly massages for years and Jason is the best massage therapist I've had.  I highly recommend him!!
John R.
I highly recommend Jason! I went to him with a very stiff and painful shoulder. He worked his magic and I was able to teach my next yoga class pain free!
Martha R.
Excellent experience!  Good for the soul and the body.  I always feel rejuvenated and each massage is focused on what my body needs on that particular day!
Crystal C.
I had an outstanding first Reiki healing experience with Jason.
Tracy E.
Jason gave a great massage but he also shed some light on how the body and mind work together and how to find balance… He gave me the ABG exercise that I have been using since my massage….and it works.  I will definitely be going back!!
Carrie W.
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